In the 21st century, SSB will maintain its position as one of America’s Premiere African Dance troupes We intend to increase the authenticity of our performances throughmug_5 (2) incorporation of additional research and interpretation of our subject matter, and through visual presentation (including but not limited to stage construction and props, wardrobe, music and choreography).

In the area of educational programming, we intend to offer more educational programs, increase the tactile quality of these programs, and to teach increasing numbers of youth South African Dance. We will continue to use our study guide, and will expand them in curriculum appropriate ways. These study guides will be more widely disseminated through our Website, which we intend to become a significant educational arm of our programs.

The goals of the Soweto Street Beat Dance Theater, Inc. are as follows:

  • To fulfill our mission statement by preserving and promoting the unique and exciting cultural expressions of South Africa,thereby exposing this culture to diverse audiences;
  • To educate children and adults about South Africa’s rich culture and history through dance and music presented to schools and community organizations;
  • To provide residencies at colleges, universities and educational centers;
  • To strengthen the cultural arts in neighborhoods through collaborative efforts with community groups, local arts organizations and other artists;
  • To build well-informed, committed arts audiences by integrating stage presentations with cultural activities and community programs;
  • To create a forum for discussion and dialogue between different cultural communities through performance arts

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