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Drum Kingdom – South African Drum Workshop

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Over the last five years, Soweto Street Beat has been involved in conducting Drum Kingdom workshops in the festival communities, corporate events and schools.

Drumming has been used traditionally for centuries to release emotional stress, raise the spirit, enhance clarity and focus, and develop co-operation and community bonds. The therapeutic work we do at Soweto Street Beat focuses on children and adults with physical, social, mental and emotional disadvantages.

The structures facilitated workshops for adults and children, aimed at developing the child’s potential through drumming. Interactive drumming is a powerful and unifying experience for children and suits all ages. Each participant gets a drum, is taught how to play and through a facilitated circle, learns not only to play, but also to listen to others. This culminates into an exciting and fun experience.

Drumming plays an important role in every child’s development. Beginning at birth, drum music stimulates the brain and provides a platform for listening, language, and creativity, and research shows that children who play an instrument excel academically, including scoring higher on standardized tests.

Recent studies have shown that playing a musical instrument can measurably enhance a child’s life in the following ways:

Intelligence development Engages imagination and creativity
Develops abstract reasoning skills Sharpens problem-solving skills
Emotional development Boosts self-confidence
Builds self discipline Makes learning fun
Physical development Sharpens hand eye coordination
Homes sense of rhythm Social Interaction
Encourages self-expression Builds relations with peers
Promotes concentration and memory retention Brings families together

Age: K-12 and Adults

Class Length: 60 Minutes for 8 weeks

Class Time: Class can be offered as After School program in local school gym at 3:30PM and later. Also evenings or weekends are available for Kids and Adults. Kids classes can be scheduled with Adult classes immediately following.

Fees: Call for Pricing. Includes students wearing South African cultural dress and makeup during recital.

Class Size: Minimum 20 maximum 50

Class Storage: Storage space needed will depend on the number of students in the class. The number of drums used in class increases as the number of students increases.


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