Awards, Honors and Recognitions

Disney World Animal Kingdom — Presented three Awards each year since 1998-2001 for Outstanding Performance by Peter Ngcobo President/CEO and Soweto Street Beat at Animal Kingdom Park.

The Atlanta Committee for the 1996 Olympic Games Presented an award to Peter Ngcobo the President/CEO of Soweto Street Beat (South African Adviser) for contribution to the success of the games of the XXVI Olympiad.

Atlanta Georgia University – System of GA Africa Council – Award to Peter Ngcobo – President, of Soweto Street Beat for Outstanding Performance during the 2007 Southeast Model African Onion

Savannah Georgia University – 2006 Outstanding Contribution Award of Peter Ngcobo President of Soweto Street Beat to African dance & culture has significantly contributed to the diffusion of Zulu culture around the world.

Omega Media Marketing Group – ICE 2002 Awards – Inspired Cultural Excellence by Peter Ngcobo, CEO of Soweto Street Beat for your unwavering support and commitment to the success of Omega Media

The State of Georgia- Secretary of State – I, Cathy Cox, Secretary of State of the State of Georgia, do hereby recognize Soweto Street Beat , Atlanta Base African Dance Troup and Peter Ngcobo, for Receiving ICE 2002 Awards

Columbus GA’s First Consolidated Government — Presented to Peter B. Ngcobo President of South African dance group the Soweto Street Beat by Mayor’s Commission on Diversity in recognition of an outstanding pioneer effort in the growth and development of our community-September 22,1999 International Festival.

United Tribes Technical College – Powwow International Award 2009 – hereby recognizes and thanks Peter Ngcobo and Soweto Street Beat for sharing the richness and vitality of the Zulu culture during the September, 2009 – Spectacular Performance!

University of Georgia & African American Cultural Center – Certificate of Appreciation – As an expression of appreciation for participation in the 2010 Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration, we hereby present this certificate to President/CEO and Soweto Street Beat group.

West Virginia University & The African Student Association – Present this certificate of recognition to Peter Ngcobo, President and Soweto Street Beat Dancers for their contribution to the success of African Night Festival 2006.

Davidson County Community College – Certificate of Appreciation – This certificate is awarded to Peter B. Ngcobo, President and Soweto Street Beat dance Theatre for an outstanding performance for Black History Month 2007.

Andrew College – Presented to Peter Ngcobo, President and Soweto Street Beat Dancers in appreciation for being our guest performer for Black History Month 2007.

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